Aloha! Every Sunday, after the Walk with a Doc (WWAD) event, at 9AM, we offer the FREE WWAD class at the Hilo Health Co-op. This is chance to experience the next step in your journey to achieve an “A” in Optimum Health and an improved LQ (Life Quality).

We begin with a form of structured play, which includes different “walks” from one end of the gym to the other. Every “walk” can be done scaled. i.e. to the best of your capability. This is a non-competitive gym, which means we are not competing against each other to be the “best”. Rather we are “cooperating” with each other to help all of us improve our health. Fun!

Next we do the 21 WOD (workout of the day). We all do 21 different exercises using Professor Tabata’s formula to get the most results from the least effort. We do one exercise for 1 minute, then rest for 30 seconds, then we move on to the next exercise. Again, a form of structured play, which is scaled to each person’s physical capabilities.

This does provide us all with a well designed, whole body workout, which helps us improve our strength, our endurance and flexibility. This improved physical capability translates into doing our everyday activities better. Including helping improve our walking!

We finish our structured playtime with a Medical QiGong (MQ) cool down session. Developed under the guidance of Dr. Nadia Linda Hole, who is both an MD and Medical QiGong Master, we do a series of movements which help us connect with the energy around us and within us, which leaves us RECHARGED!

Then we all help say “thank you” to the gym by spending 10 minutes working together to mop the floors and clean the gym. All to music selected by one of our participants. Fun!

We start at 9AM and are finished and out the door by 10AM. Come play with us?

Location: The Hilo Health Cooperative is at the entrance to Banyan Drive. across the street from Verna’s Drive in and Ken’s House of Pancakes. There is a 40 car parking lot entrance off Banyan Driven. In the same 100 year old building as Waterworks and Hilo Ocean Adventures. Address: 1717 Kamehameha Avenue, Hilo Hawaii 96720. www.HiloHealth.Coop

The Hilo Health Cooperative is a not for profit consumer cooperative, formed and owned by its users, to develop SMART exercise classes to help people achieve an “A” in Optimum Health. The first consumer cooperative fitness center in the U.S., it is being developed as a model, with guidance from the East Hawaii Independent Physicians Association, to be adopted by other communities around the U.S..  Become part of history. Do good for yourself and others. Together! Come play with us!:)

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